19 May 2021

The SA Government is partnering with the Australian Government to deliver Future Drought Fund programs, building key skills across the state in the areas of farm business resilience and future regional drought resilience planning.

  • Australian Government Future Drought Fund (FDF) to support farmers and regions
  • South Australia will deliver two FDF programs - Farm Business Resilience and Regional Drought Resilience Planning  
  • The programs will assist with providing South Australian farmers and regional communities with the tools and capabilities they need to build drought resilience.

Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management David Littleproud and Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development David Basham said this partnership will give farmers the extra skills needed to protect against future droughts and assist regional communities in building their resilience to drought.

Minister Littleproud said Australian farmers manage uncertainty and complexity every day, however, the business of farming is becoming more challenging.

The $16 million Farm Business Resilience program will give farmers across Australia access to subsidised learning and development opportunities,” Minister Littleproud said.

“The Farm Business Resilience program will upgrade farmers’ knowledge and skills in risk management and decision-making, resource management, and personal and social resilience.

“Farmers will be supported to work on their farm business plans and will have access to experts and one-on-one professional advice on their plan.

“Meanwhile the $9.85 million Regional Drought Resilience Planning program will support partnerships of regional organisations, councils, communities and farmers right around Australia to develop regional drought resilience plans specific to their area.

“The plans will identify actions to prepare for and manage through drought, with a focus on innovative ways to build drought resilience across a region’s agricultural sector and allied industries.

“Planning will be community-led and owned. It will be collaborative, bringing together diverse knowledge and perspectives across the region, along with the best available evidence and data, Minister Littleproud said.

South Australia will benefit from $2.2m in Future Drought Fund funding for Farm Business Resilience and $1.2 million for Regional Drought Resilience Planning.

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development David Basham said the programs recognised the fact that no two farms or agricultural regions are the same.

“The Farm Business Resilience program will connect farm businesses with industry led training and Family and Business Support (FaBS) mentors to work on their farm business skills,” Minister Basham said.

“This tailored one-on-one business support led by industry will give farmers the flexibility to develop a farm business plan that meets the needs of their farm.

“The arrangements for regionally based partnerships to lead the Regional Drought Resilience planning program are being finalised and will include collaboration between groups like Regional Development Australia, SA Landscape Boards and Local Government through the South Australian Regional Organisations of Councils.

“The plans will identify actions, pathways and opportunities to improve regional drought resilience, mitigate risks and support regional communities and our agriculture sector adapt to change.

“The plans will also leverage and build on existing state government plans and strategies, including the South Australian Government’s Regional Development Strategy, and others related to climate resilience, water planning and managing adverse events.

“This is an important opportunity for up to three regional communities to identify local solutions, areas for future investment and have their say on how their community improves their resilience to drought.”

Minister Littleproud said that by partnering with the South Australian Government the programs would be tailored to the needs of their farmers and industry - building on, and complement other support available, rather than doubling up.

The Australian Government has recently announced an additional $91 million for both programs over 3 years beyond the foundational year and will be working with states and territories on the detail.

For more details visit the Australian Government Future Drought Fund webpage.

Fast Facts:

  • The Farm Business Resilience program and Regional Drought Resilience Planning program are foundational programs under the Australian Government’s forward-thinking $5 billion Future Drought Fund.
  • Both programs will roll out across the country from 2021 until June 2022.
  • The Future Drought Fund is a long term sustained investment of $100 million each year to build drought preparedness.

View the media release from the Premier of South Australia's website.