• $10 million
  • The Accelerated Discovery Initiative (ADI) is a program to co-fund greenfield exploration activities to facilitate new major minerals discoveries, driving further mine developments and stimulating growth, investment, exports, jobs and innovation in the South Australian mineral resources sector.
  • In round one, 14 diverse exploration projects were awarded with co-funding totalling $3 million (announced 23 June 2020). All 14 of these projects have funding agreements and/or the projects have been executed.  Round two is currently in progress, with projects being assessed.
  • The total investment by the State Government for the ADI program is $10 million.
  • This initiative will facilitate exploration drilling, and the development of innovative exploration concepts and technologies.
  • The sharing of data and the discovery of groundwater resources will benefit the agricultural sector and communities.
  • The ADI also includes geophysical programs that focus on the application of innovation technology or improve the density or quality of data and accelerate data sharing amongst the exploration sector.
  • Other key components include logistical support associated with testing exploration in remote greenfield sites/new frontier regions, groundwater identification and testing, research collaboration and/or technology development such as machine learning and proof of concept proposals that challenge traditional thinking and drive new investment within and beyond the resources sector.
Project start:
June 2020
Expected completion:
June 2022
Current status:
In progress