Electric Vehicle
  • $13.4 million
    statewide investment
  • Yalata has been identified as a preferred location to host electric vehicle charging stations as part of the State Government’s $13.4 million commitment to support a statewide Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Network.
  • Electric vehicles lower motoring costs, air, noise and carbon pollution and help reduce the price of electricity for all South Australians by better using the grid.
  • Fast charging, particularly in regional and remote areas, will remove a big barrier to electric vehicles – fear of running out of power, or range anxiety.
  • The State Government’s aim is for electric cars to be the preferred choice for households and businesses by 2030, and the default choice by 2035 as more affordable models become available that meet all consumers’ motoring expectations.
  • Property owners and businesses can register their interest to become site hosts through the Department for Energy and Mining’s website.
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