Walking at Bundaleer Reservoir Reserve
  • The South Australian Government is committed to opening reservoirs around South Australia for a range of recreational activities including bushwalking, cycling, kayaking and fishing, while maintaining the safety and security of our drinking water supply. In addition to a number of regionally based reservoirs open for recreation, suburban reservoirs have also been included in the program including Happy Valley, Hope Valley and Little Para Reservoirs.
  • Bundaleer is a smaller reservoir reserve where you can fish, kayak, enjoy views of the water from the loop walking trail and have a picnic.
  • Opening up reservoirs is increasing revenue for small regional businesses, and providing opportunities to develop South Australia’s tourism experiences, including eco, nature-based and boutique tourism.
  • Water stored in our reservoirs provides more than 40 per cent of the safe, clean drinking water from taps in South Australian homes and businesses.
Project start:
April 2019
Expected completion:
October 2019
Current status:

Bundaleer kayaking and fishing

Kayaking and fishing at Bundaleer Reservoir Reserve

Bundaleer Reservoir Reserve

Bundaleer Reservoir Reserve at sunrise

Bundaleer walking

Walking at Bundaleer Reservoir Reserve