• $41,900
  • This jointly funded project with the Wakefield Regional Council is for the construction of the final stage of the Copper Trail - 25 kms between Port Wakefield and Balaklava.
  • This will link the state level Walk the Yorke trail in the west with the famous Riesling Trail and Lavender Trail to the east, which in turn joins the world-renowned Heysen Trail and Rattler Trail, consolidating a substantial regional network
  • The State Government has contributed $41,900 to this project.
  • The vision is to provide over 210kms of walking/biking trails crisscrossing the Council region and connecting into all of the neighbouring council regions using 164kms of disused rail reserves with 36kms on 30m-wide wooded road reserves.
  • The Copper, Wool, Grain and Salt Trails will link eight towns and four settlements in the Council region and reach out to adjoining towns. The Trail will highlight the beauty of the Wakefield region - the heart of the Adelaide plains and provide a unique experience of local indigenous flora and fauna through these corridors of naturally revegetating land.
  • The Copper Trail is so named because it follows in part the route taken by bullock teams delivering copper from Burra through to the wharf at Port Wakefield.
  • The trail is suitable for bush walking, mountain bike and BMX riding.
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