• $12,559
  • Reef Encounters Fishing Charters was successful in receiving a grant of $12,559 from the Government of South Australia’s ‘Fishing for Tourism’ – Charter Boat Diversification Program.
  • This project is for marketing and advertising materials, website development, drone, non-slip application to floor, binoculars, table and refreshment services and an electric outboard motor.
  • The ‘Fishing for Tourism’ – Charter Boat Diversification Program was established in late 2019 to expand and strengthen the charter boat sector by co-investing in projects to enhance charter boat operators’ offering as a tourism experience, broaden tourism offerings that will be attractive to the domestic and international tourism and visitor market, and position the sector for strong future growth in the nature-based tourism sector.
  • To find out more on the Charter Boat Diversification Program, go to the Department of Primary Industries and Regions website.
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