• $88,670
  • A.J. Forster Pty Ltd (South East Pine Sales) was successful in receiving a grant of $88,670 under the Strategic Business Round 2020 of the Government of South Australia’s Regional Growth Fund.
  • This project is for the installation of an automated biomass steam generation plant for wood drying.
  • The project involves the installation of a boiler and heating furnace system that generates steam energy and uses renewable pine sawdust as its fuel.
  • The steam energy will be used to dry wood to the moisture content required to facilitate later value-adding processes in the wood production value stream.
  • The pine sawdust used for fuel is a waste by-product of the log sawmilling process on the same manufacturing site.
  • The project also involves the installation of steam control automation software to optimise the rate of fuel burn according to the steam energy demand of the wood drying process.
  • The Government of South Australia recognises that our regions are fundamental to the success of South Australia’s economy.
  • To find out more information on the Regional Growth Fund click here.
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