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  • $3.9 million
  • The upgrade by SA Water to the Baroota Dam will ensure it complies with the current ANCOLD (Australian Committee on Large Dams) guidelines.
  • The two main options available to SA Water to reduce the probability of failure of the dam are to:
    • maintain the current full supply level and to modify the embankment crest (including filters); or
    • reduce the full supply level and modify the spillway by lowering the spillway crest to increase the spillway capacity of the dam and reduce the probability of an embankment overtopping failure.
  • An external party has approached SA Water to use the water in the dam for a Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Project.
  • The external party plans to obtain funding approval in 2021 and will contribute to fund the first option that will allow the dam to continue to operate at full supply level.
Project start:
Expected completion:
June 2023
Current status: