• $648,700

This project enables residents across the whole council region, neighbouring regions as well as visitors to access and enjoy quality public spaces.

The project scope includes:

  • Revitalising and connecting inactivated open space reserves in three Mallee towns along the Karoonda Highway.
  • Creating a trail of three new playground spaces to increase community access to open space for recreation and encourage residents and visitors to congregate, socialise and spend time together.
  • New playground spaces in Karoonda, Wanby and Wynarka.

This project is delivered through local council.

Total investment: $648,700

Investment breakdown:

  • Council investment: $60,000
  • Federal Government: $283,700
  • State Government (Federal Drought Communities Program): $300,000
  • Wynarka Reserve Committee: $5,000
Project start:
July 2020
Expected completion:
July 2021
Current status: