• $13 million

The state government is improving road safety and traffic efficiency through the installation of a four-way, single lane roundabout at the intersection of Woodside Road and Old Princes Highway at Nairne.

The upgrade will reduce delays for Woodside Road traffic, maintain a good level of intersection performance and cater for future growth. The upgrade also aims to improve safety for pedestrian and cyclist movements in the area, particularly Nairne Primary School students.

The intersection of Woodside Road and Old Princes Highway is on the western outskirts of Nairne within a 50 km/h speed zone. Since the completion of the Bald Hills Interchange project in 2016, traffic volumes at the Woodside Road and Old Princes Highway intersection have increased by approximately 10-15%.

Project overview:

  • Construction of a four-way single lane roundabout, including realignment of the two T-junctions of Old Princes Highway with Saleyard Road and Old Princes Highway with Woodside Road
  • 2.5 metre wide, new shared use path for the extent of works.
  • Provision of pedestrian fencing to encourage crossing at desirable locations only.
  • Relocation of the pedestrian actuated crossing (push button) on the Old Princes Highway eastern approach approximately 70 metres east of the roundabout.

Other treatments include:

  • upgraded LED road lighting for the extent of the works
  • installation of new safety barrier (where required)
  • improved drainage, including new kerb and gutter
  • new asphalt surfacing and line marking.
Project start:
March 2021
Expected completion:
Early 2022
Current status:
Under construction